Hong Kong

Hong Kong has been my home for close to three years now. Although I have had a turbulent relationship with it in the past, I can finally say that I have now settled and am enjoying this incredible city for what it’s worth!

Hong Kong its such a unique and diverse city. From skyscrapers and beautiful rootop bars, to amazing hiking greenery and beautiful beaches. I personally feel that there is something for everyone here!

My life in Hong Kong all started when I decided to pack up my life and follow my heart for my lovely partner, and it truly has been the best decision I have ever made. At times when I was homesick I would question if it was the right choice, but I have now come to the relisation that this is my little journey and as everyone is growing up with their own little lives, this is just mine… and what a great life it is!

When I was growing up I always had a desire to travel the world and when I decided to make that move back in March 2015, I knew I would be forever thankful of that long-haul plane journey that lead me to a country that was so easily accessible to other incredible destinations.

Although I miss my lovely family and wonderful friends, I am so happy here in HK and with Facetime and Skype, no one is ever too far away. The other great thing I have learned is the people you meet in Hong Kong quickly turn into your adopted family and the friendships that I have made here are the one reason why I am so settled and I know they really will last a lifetime.

I have friends from all over the world and we are all so different but yet so similar in so many ways. “Hong Kong is a kaleidoscope of East and West” is a quote I have seen from the Hong Kong Tourism board and it really is just that, its a city of diversity and everyone fits in perfectly.

If you have never been to Hong Kong, I encourage you to come and visit. There are no ways of describing this weird and wonderful place and pictures will never do it justice but I will try my very best to show you the best bits below…



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