About me

Hello – Welcome to Sunflower Daydreams!

To give you some background my name is Sian Plumb and I am a twenty-six year old travel-addicted expat residing in Singapore. I am originally from Kent and fled East in 2015 – Firstly spending four and a half years based in Hong Kong with my two boys; My wonderful fiancé, Scott and our toy poodle, Buddy. We relocated to Singapore at the beginning of 2019 and love our little life here in South East Asia.

By day I’m a full-time legal recruitment consultant and in my spare time, I love reading about self-development and sharing my experiences. This blog details my experience with Body Dysmorphic Disorder and anxiety struggles and describes the tips and tricks which have guided me out of the stormy, dark days. I am super passionate about not letting depression, anxiety and/or BDD get in the way of myself and others living the happiest life.

Please bear in mind that all of my advice is written from personal experience and my own perspective. I am not a medical professional and am only sharing what works and doesn’t work for me. If you are experiencing any symptoms, I cannot urge you enough to talk to the people closest to you and seek professional advice from your GP.

I hope that speaking out about not only the tough times, but also days where there hs been strength, I will be able to help someone who like me, needed someone to spur them on. This blog is somewhere I hope that you can go for inspiration, positivity and comfort; Molly McLaren – I will forever thank you for being that person for me and I promise I will continue to promote this subject for you.

Sian xx