About me


At 23 years of age, I have suffered with mental health issues for over 8 years now. Having gone through a whirlwind of emotional rollercoasters along the way and still fighting,  I feel that a blog is the best way to not only release but to boost positive mental health awareness for other people around me and show people that mental health issues affect us all in some kind of way and it is ok to talk and be open, which is where my story begins…

Although Kent will always be my home and have a special place in my heart, I currently live in Hong Kong. I have had a turbulent relationship with Hong Kong over my three years of being here – however, I am now proud to say that I love this place that I now call my home and I have made a great foundation for myself. With great friends and family both back in Kent and here in Hong Kong, I have now found a way to be comfortable in speaking out about my struggles. I hope that in speaking out about not only these tough times but also my strengths, I will help someone who just like me needed someone to spur me on. Molly McLaren, I will forever thank you for being that person for me, and I promise I will continue to promote this for you xx.

Each week I plan to  reflect on my weekly trials and tribulations in an effort to boost positive mental health awareness and show people the waves of emotions people go through who too, suffer with any kind of mental health issue. I will also focus on the different techniques I have been taught to use and my own personal ways in which I help myself get through tough days, hoping that I too can help other people who are struggling.

As some of you may know, I suffer with three different kinds of mental health issues; Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD), Manic Depressive Disorder (MDD) and social anxiety. These all interact with each other and form who I am. At times, I have been embarrassed about bringing up these issues but they are part of me and I am now proud to say that it’s ok to not be ok