Wherever you are, be all there.

This short but sweet blog today is about consciously trying to live in a peaceful state of mind.

So much of our lives are caught either thinking about the past and the mistakes we have made, or worrying about the future. It is incredibly important to be one hundred percent in the present moment and this is something that takes practice, every single day. When we allow our thoughts to control us, flipping back between the past and the future, it becomes all-consuming and impossible to get anything achieved to the best of our ability.

I needed to write this blog today as for the first weekend in a long time, my mind has been erratic. I am currently reading Ant Middleton’s (Ex-SAS servicemen) book, and I was inspired at the way he describes the control he has over his mind, especially in high-pressure situations.

So I was thinking… It’s so easy to get caught up in our thoughts, even more so for anyone who suffers with anxiety. I often worry about the smallest things, without even consciously realising -“Am I going to miss the bus home? Am I going to be late for work? Am I going to get this finished on time? Why have I not been to the gym today? I wonder if what I said upset her“… The list goes on, my mind never stops. What I have realised is that with all these constant thoughts, I can never focus on the present – so, it’s incredibly important to make sure we are challenging these thought processes and bringing it back to the present.

So what if I miss the bus? Everyone is sometimes late for work. You will finish your work eventually, just focus and get it done as best you can. So what if you haven’t been to the gym today?…You’ve been every day this week. If you were not intentionally being malicious to that person and just being honest, does it matter and can you change it now? Relax, you’re not always going to be able to please everybody. 

I know that I am a thousand steps ahead of where I was back in 2017. I still look back and see how far I have come and I am proud to see myself through the days where my mind does become erratic – But it’s always going to be an work-in-progress, for all of us. What I have come to learn is that the problems anyone faces in their life, are never tougher than that persons character. It really is all about how you interpret what is happening to you. The greatest power you will ever have control over is your thinking.

So this is just your Sunday reminder – You can’t change the past and worrying about the future is never a productive use of your time. Focus on what you are doing right at this very moment and channel all your energy into being the best, most positive “you” that you can be, right now.

“If you have good thoughts they will shine out of your face like sunbeams and you will always look lovely.”- Roald Dalh.

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